In general

We run a website called “cheap office space” where people can find office space in the Netherlands. The new version of this (wordpress) website is in the making: We get our content from various companies that manage 1 or more office buildings. The ones we want to scrape first, are large companies with many properties.


Tools to use

We have someone at the office here who builds custom scrapers in PHP but since we are not developers, this is a bit harder to use. That is why we have set up a test in which worked quite nicely, but was also “challenging” to master completely. Especially the regEx part to get exactly the date you want. So if you can do it with – that would be nice but we don’t have a paid account. If you prefer another tool – that is fine but it would be nice if we can work with it too.

The content

In the spreadsheet with the scrapers (you can find it here), there is a tab that shows what we want to scrape. But for each website we will make a screenshot to show you the fields – see the example below. Once we have the content in CSV format, we will use the plugin WPallimport to pull the information into our website / database. > Example of instructions that we would make for each scraper:

Well… I’m curious to hear your opinion on this and if we can set a price for the project. Maybe we can do a pilot first, or make a total price, or a price per scraper… All options are open 🙂



Again: I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have time but I’m glad you’ve been so honest and upfront about it. It’s no problem at all, although I wish it would have worked out…

I would like to pay you for the work you have done, so can you tell me how I can reward you? Please let me know. Maybe with PayPal?

[email protected]